Conservatory of Music

Fang Guangyao

Fang Guangyao, male, Mongolian, born in December 1958, Changji, Xinjiang, a musician and music educator. He is a master's tutor, professor, member of the Communist Party of China, leader of Music and Dance Instrumental Music Performance at Conservatory of Music in Yangzhou University. He is also a member of Chinese Musicians Association, member of China Music Aesthetics Society, member of China Music Criticism Society, and a member of China Music Education Society.

In 1970, he studied with the flute player Li Datong. In 1973, he taught in the Art Department of the Northwest University for Nationalities in 1986. In 1997, he participated in the "Chinese Minority Art Troupe" and went to Belgium, Germany, Finland on behalf of the National People's Committee. The Netherlands participated in the European "International Folk Art Festival" and succeeded as a flute soloist. It was awarded by the Chinese Ambassador to Finland to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1998 to 2007, he worked at Shaoguan University in Guangdong and Xinjiang Art College. He served as Head of the Music Department and Deputy of the Music School. He participated in the International Education Management Training in Japan for 25 days in 2006.
  He has published academic papers in professional journals and newspapers such as "Xinhua Digest", "Chinese Music", "Journal of Yangzhou University", "Art Education", "Journal of Xinjiang Art Institute", "Musical Instrument", "Journal of Chinese Social Science", etc. He criticized more than 40 articles. His representative papers include "My Opinions on Promoting National Music Culture", "The Best Realm of Stage Performance Art", "The Relationship between Musical Law Theory and Music Practice", "The Implication of Musical Beauty and Aesthetic Transcendence" "Wait. Produced and published CD: "Beautiful Ranch"" (Flute Performance Album - 2009).

ag登录completed projects: the jiangsu provincial department of education's social science general project "acquisition and cultivation of multiple music senses" in 2007; gansu provincial education commission social science project "music performance aesthetics series" (1995.3 ending). he was awarded  the third prize of 94-95 outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences of higher education institutions in gansu province; the songs "green sea" and "flute and piano" won the "excellence award" for the outstanding works of the 40th anniversary of qinghai and gansu.

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