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Professor Zhang Meilin of Invited to Participate in Symphonic Suite ‘The Grand Canal’

ag登录the 3rd wonderful jiangsu art exhibition month, sponsored by jiangsu provincial department of culture and co-organized by jiangsu provincial performing arts groups and the new bureau of culture form all different districts opened at nanjing grand theatre on october 10, 2010. professor zhang meilin, president of our college, was invited to participate in the opening performance of a large-scale symphonic suite ‘imagine the grand canal’ and sang the opening song ‘the first spade of the canal’. 

the grand canal fantasy, a large-scale symphonic group song jointly produced by jiangsu provincial cultural department and jiangsu provincial performing arts group, is a stage art work meticulously created over a period of three years by cultural workers in jiangsu province to implement the important guiding spirit of general secretary xi jinping on the construction of grand canal cultural belt. it is a key drama invested by jiangsu provincial cultural department. after its premiere at zijin grand theater on april 17, 2017, the grand canal vision has been performing in forums of canal cities from the world, jiangsu culture and art festival, shanghai spring international concert, jiangsu zijin culture and art festival and other activities. professor zhang meilin's outstanding singing skills and artistic expression in his performance have been highly appraised by opera professionals at home and abroad. 

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