Conservatory of Music

Our College Held the New Teacher Report Class Activity in 2018

our school held a new teacher report class activity in the music hall, in which five new teachers participated in the report presentation on the afternoon of october 30, 2018. professor shao ping, vice dean of teaching; professor bai hongxiu, teaching expert hired by the office of academic affairs and the director of each teaching and research office of the college jointly formed an expert team to conduct the assessment. after the report class, professor bai hongxiu commented on the report class of five new teachers one by one, which not only affirmed the advantages, but also pointed out the shortcomings. vice president shao ping made a comprehensive summary from the professional level and had a knee-to-knee communication with the new teacher to put forward higher expectations. other teachers on the expert team also gave guidance to the new teachers. new teachers have expressed that through this report class activity, they have the opportunity to accept the guidance of the expert team, which has greatly improved the grasp of the key and difficult points of teaching and the application of multimedia assisted teaching methods and other aspects and benefited a lot.

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