Conservatory of Music

Basic performances and outstanding achievements

our college achieved excellent results in eighth musical education college students' basic skills exhibition in jiangsu province.

ag登录the 8th music education college students' basic skills exhibition activity in jiangsu province was held on august 20, 2018 at music college of nanjing normal university on august 22, 2018. the competition was attended by 54 students from 18 music education professional colleges and universities in jiangsu province. the competition is divided into six parts: micro class, piano performance, chinese and foreign musical instrument performance, self-playing and self-singing, chorus conductor, singing and piano accompaniment. in the end, the competition was fierce, our college won the third prize in the undergraduate group; liu xinyu won the seventh place in singing and piano accompaniment and the third in individual all-around prize; lu dandan won the fifth place in chorus conductor. three teachers, shao ping, shuai lei and quan haokun, won the "outstanding instructor award".

this competition is a test of talent training quality and a promotion of music, education professional development. the results of the competition highlight the excellent teaching results of music education major of our college. they are the concentrated reflection of the professional quality and spiritual outlook of this major.

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