Conservatory of Music

Hu Liang

ag登录Hu Liang, Associate Dean of the Conservatory of Music, Yangzhou University. He is a Professor, Master Instructor, Jiangsu Province “Double Creation” Cultural Innovation Leader, Jiangsu Provincial Talent Office “333” Project Leader, the fifth Middle-aged Young Science and Technology Leader, Special Professor of Nanjing Art College, Head of the “Blue and Blue Engineering·Musicology Teaching Team” of Yangzhou University.


he is in charge of scientific research, postgraduate degree construction, management and evaluation, and cultivate quality monitoring, enrollment and other work. he also assists dean in managing discipline construction.


ag登录research fields: musical instrument study; musical instrument technology; instrumental music performance and teaching;

scientific research:


ag登录national level


2016 national cultural innovation project “innovative research and production process innovation of minority musical instrument production materials”



1. president of the ministry of culture's science and technology innovation project in 2010, “traditional bamboo flute tuning improvement and bamboo material optimization treatment process research”; provincial department; completed;


ag登录2. presiding in the 2011 ministry of education humanities and social sciences youth fund research project “the history of contemporary chinese bamboo flute art (1949-2009)” (11yjc760024) provincial department;


3. hosted the 2016 humanities and social sciences youth fund research project of the ministry of education, “the history of contemporary chinese ethnic music art (1949-2015)” (project no. 16yjc760016). ministry of education;


4. presided over the 2014 anhui provincial philosophy and social science research project “huizhou folk ritual music research” (ahskq2014d119) provincial department; completed;

ag登录5. presided over the 2009 soft science research project of anhui province, “regional traditional skills protection and local economic and social development” (09030503054);


ag登录provincial-office level


ag登录1. president of the 2015 jiangsu cultural and scientific research project “innovative research on digital protection and management platform of traditional ancient villages—taking hangji “shu village” as an example”;


ag登录2. presided over the 2008 anhui provincial department of education humanities and social sciences research project “huizhou folk blowing music research” (2008sk303) (office level);


3. presided over the 2008 provincial college young teachers funded program (humanities and social sciences) "huizhou folk drum music research" (2008jqw124) (office level) conclusions;




ag登录he has obtained 35 patents of utility model patents granted by the state intellectual property office.

academic papers:


he has published 15 publications of cssci and above in publications such as "people's music", "yellow bell", "art 100", "exploration of higher education", 10 articles in the core journals of peking university, and 15 articles in other publications.


ag登录awards and categories for research:

1. thesis "study on the reform of bamboo flute sound regulation" won the third prize of the 2010 shandong provincial department of culture and shandong province culture and art science achievements;


ag登录2. the paper "the status and prospects of bamboo flute tuning improvement" was selected in the 2011-2012 anhui cultural innovation report (blue book);


1. in 2010, it was awarded the second prize of the 9th art festival exhibition hosted by the anhui provincial government and the cultural department.



from 2010 to 2015, he won 5 provincial teaching achievement awards, among which the first one was 3;


he also guides college students in competition and innovation and entrepreneurship projects:


1. instructed students to receive the third prize of the 11th "challenge cup" college students extracurricular academic science and technology competition sponsored by the ministry of education and the central committee of the communist youth league


2. instructed students to receive the special prize of the third session of the “challenge cup” extracurricular academic and scientific works competition in anhui province


ag登录3. instructed students to receive the second prize of the 4th “challenge cup” extracurricular academic science and technology competition in anhui province

4. instructed students to receive the bronze award from the provincial department of education for hosting the 3rd “challenge cup” entrepreneurship competition


ag登录5. instructed the student project “study on the tuning improvement of the national wind blowing instrument hulusi” and “environmental bionic birch erhu” were awarded the project of the innovation and entrepreneurship project of the ministry of education;


ag登录6. guided students to win the third prize of the second session of anhui university e-commerce “innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship” challenge


7. guided students to obtain 30 utility model patents granted by the intellectual property office

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