Conservatory of Music

Shao Ping

shao ping, director of conservatory of music in yangzhou university, associate dean of conservatory of music in yangzhou university, professor, master of vocal performance, master instructor, member of chinese musicians association, member of jiangsu vocal music society, vice chairman of yangzhou musicians association, popular in yangzhou city vice president of the musicians association.

ag登录in 1995, he graduated from the nanjing university of arts as a major in vocal music. in 2008, he received a master's degree in vocal performance from the nanjing university of the arts. he has been teaching at yangzhou university since 1995. he has been awarded the "yangzhou university excellent classroom teaching quality award", "jiangsu university student social practice excellent instructor" and yangzhou university "outstanding young key teacher".

he has published nearly 20 academic papers in the field of art, including 5 cssci source journals and 9 chinese core journals. he edited and published "yangzhou folk music" (nanjing normal university press) and participated in the preparation of "voice tutorial iv" (nanjing normal university). publishers), academic research closely explores music theory, music education and art education, and has certain reference and reference value for promoting music theory and school art education research and practice. participated in the invention of two national patents, "a erhu with a chorus function" and "a zither with a transfer". hosted and participated in a number of provincial and school-level projects, and guided students to obtain national-level university students' innovation projects. they participated in various national academic conferences and various vocal competitions, and won many national and provincial vocal competition awards. in april 2008, he successfully held a personal concert at the yangzhou grand theatre, which was well received. he has repeatedly visited the united states, south korea and other countries on behalf of the school to conduct exchange tours, winning a wide range of international praise and good social impact.

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