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Conservatory of Music in Yangzhou University Off-Province Admissions Guide

yangzhou university is a university cosponsored by the people's government of jiangsu province and the ministry of education. it is a key comprehensive university in jiangsu province. it is the first batch of doctoral and master's degree-granting units in the country, and the first university in the country to merge and run schools. the school is located in yangzhou city, jiangsu province, a beautiful historical and cultural city. the school has a large scale of education and a complete range of disciplines. there are more than 25,000 full-time undergraduate students in the school, more than 10,000 students of various types of masters, and more than 11,000 students of adult education. there are 29 colleges and 120 undergraduate majors covering 12 campuses, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art.

the conservatory of music in yangzhou university was established by the former art college of yangzhou university. the teaching history began in 1993 with the art department established by the former yangzhou normal college.

ag登录the conservatory of music now has two undergraduate majors in music studies (music) and music performances. it has the right to grant master's degree in music and dance, master's degree in art, master's degree in music (music field), and master's degree in education (discipline and teaching theory).

ag登录the conservatory of music in yangzhou university has a profound teacher structure, remarkable teaching fruits and strong comprehensive strength. in recent years, more than 60 scientific research projects at various levels have been completed or under study. the prizes won by students in all levels of competition in the country are: national excellent art school art song competition excellence award, jiangsu normal university student basic skills competition second prize; the first and second prizes of the basic skills competition for college students of music education in jiangsu province。

the conservatory of music has the national award (assistance) scholarship, the national inspirational scholarship, the principal scholarship, the zhu jingwen award (assistance) scholarship, and various scholarships donated by many caring people. the awards benefit more than 50% of the students.

2018 majors, enrollment plan and scope:

ag登录i. enrollment plan


ag登录enrollment range


hunan, hubei, henan, jiangxi, hebei, anhui, guangxi

ag登录music performance

hunan, hubei, henan, jiangxi, hebei, anhui, guangxi

ag登录ii. professional examinations, registration




shijiazhuang, information engineering, vocational college


ag登录zhengzhou no. 24 middle school


ag登录hunan normal university conservatory of music

provincial examination center examination room


jiangxi science and technology normal university


anhui vocational college of art


provincial examination center examination room


guangxi normal university


①candidates from jiangsu province participate in the art majors test organized by the jiangsu provincial examinations institute.

②apprentices from jiangsu province must participate in the art of the unified organization of the provincial admissions department.

ag登录if you took part in a professional examination and you passed the examination, you can take the art examination organized by our school.

ag登录1、you should go through the formalities when you register.

  (1)online registration: register online according to the requirements for online registration.

  (2)on-site registration: i. submit your second-generation id card and the permit of admission to the college's 2018 college art examination. ii. payment of registration fee and examination fee: 200 yuan for music. iii. receive the "admission permit for the art examination of yangzhou university".

2、professional examination subjects (out of 300 points)

  (1)sighting (80 points): a set of 5 sets of questions.

ag登录  (2)professional major (200 points): one of vocal, instrumental and dance.

  (3)addition test subjects (20 points): candidates can choose one of the vocal, piano, instrumental, and dance. the test subject must not be repeated with the major.

ag登录3、our school only recruits candidates for liberal arts (if the candidates for the art majors in the provinces are not divided into arts and sciences, they can apply), and candidates are not allowed to take exams across provinces.

4、candidates are required to apply for the “yangzhou university art professional examination admission permit”, id card and the art professional admission ticket (or application permit) of the province to enter the examination room to take the test. candidates must strictly abide by the examination discipline.

ag登录5、our school will send the "qualification examination for music professional examination" before april 15th. candidates can log into the yangzhou university undergraduate admissions network to with the admission ticket number, id number to check their results, website: profession test scores are not available.

iii、academic examination

candidates will participate in the college entrance examination and the national (provincial) unified academic examination according to the “2018 general college admissions guide” and other relevant regulations.

ag登录iv、volunteer report

  you can apply for the "music professional examination qualification notice" (the qualified professional examination results in the province must be qualified), and the candidates who meet the basic conditions for volunteering can apply to our school.

ag登录v、admission principle

ag登录  1、qualified score line determination method:

ag登录  the profession score line shall be determined by not more than 4 times the number of enrollment plans of each major; the academic score line shall implement the undergraduate cultural admission scores of art majors delineated by the provincial enrollment department;

ag登录  2、admission method:

  music major: for those who apply for our school, the academic scores should meet the requirement of the province's music undergraduate minimum control scores and the "music professional examination qualification notice" of our school, our school will select the best according to their professional performance from high to low.

vi、tuition standard: 2017 is 6800 yuan / student · year.

vii. contact information

ag登录  yangzhou university admissions office address: no. 88, university south road, yangzhou city, jiangsu province

  music contact: mr. han, mr. qian tel: 0514—87993664 87971618

ag登录viii、if the relevant enrollment policies of the state or jiangsu province are adjusted, our school will also make corresponding adjustments.


ag登录conservatory of music, yangzhou university

december, 2017

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