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Introduction to the Conservatory

the conservatory of music in yangzhou university was founded in 1993. the college has two undergraduate majors in music education and music performance, the right to grant master's degree in music and dance, master's degree in art, master's degree in music (music field), and master's degree in education (music). the college has the yangzhou folk music research institute of yangzhou university and the "music forest" vocal art center. it has a theater, a music exhibition hall, an electric piano classroom, a computer music production laboratory, a chorus room, and a piano room. it has a wealth of books and audiovisual materials. the college has a total of 46 faculty members, including 14 master's tutors and 14 associate professors. the college has famous singers and music educators in the country. they are diligent in the field of art education and eager to pursue exploration in artistic creation. the college has made considerable progress in teaching, scientific research, discipline construction, personnel training and teacher team building, and has achieved gratifying results and won extensive social praise.

in the past three years, the college has won 2 national social science fund art projects, 1 national art fund project, 1 national cultural innovation project, and nearly 60 provincial-level, city-level scientific research projects in various professional competitions and performances. in 2014, the original large-scale opera "yunzhihe" starring professor zhang meilin, the dean of the college, performed in the national theatre and held concerts around the world. in 2016, the college launched the large-scale vocal motto “meilin”, better coordinating the quality curriculum resources of music colleges, accelerating the construction of high-quality vocal music platform and curriculum system, further highlighting the geographical, school and professional characteristics, and innovating the music education model, teaching methods and teaching methods under the new situation with enhanced academic sharing and knowledge innovation. the college has played a positive role in the popularization of higher art education both inside and outside the school.

the teachers and students of the college actively participated in art exchange activities at home and abroad, and performed in more than ten countries and regions such as the united states, spain, and japan, and won extensive social praise.

College professional introduction


School system

Training objectives

Main course


four years

ag登录this major develops basic knowledge of musicology and the ability to conduct theoretical analysis and research on music. it can engage in chinese and foreign music history, chinese and foreign music history in cultural halls, primary and secondary schools, social music organizations, research institutes, publishing, radio and film departments. compound and innovative talents in the teaching, research, editing, and commentary of national music theory, music aesthetics, and music education theory, and lay the foundation for further study.

basic music theory, polyphony, music, music aesthetics, essay writing, chinese folk music, foreign folk music, chinese and western music history, impromptu accompaniment, solfeggio, vocal foundation, piano foundation, chorus and conductor, foundation and acoustics, thought moral cultivation and legal basis, outline of china's modern and contemporary history, introduction to the basic principles of marxism, introduction to mao zedong thought and the theoretical system of socialism with chinese characteristics, situation and policy, comprehensive english, sports, military theory, university computer and programming iii.

ag登录music performance

four years

this major develops the knowledge and ability to perform in musical performances (singing, playing), and can apply for talents in musical performances and teaching in professional cultural performance groups, cultural centers, primary and secondary schools, and lay the foundation for further study in this profession.

ag登录according to different professional directions, they are vocal music, keyboard, folk instrumental music, orchestral instrumental performance and conductor, as well as chorus, chorus or ensemble, ensemble; piano, music theory, vocal and ear training; chinese and western music history, chinese traditional music theory, essay writing harmony, polyphony, music; art introduction, music performance aesthetics, stage creation practice.

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